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Can hypnosis improve your sales team’s performance?

There are many problems that sales team employees face, which could affect their performance, such as lack of confidence, poor focus on tasks, and ineffective management. Quite often, sales employees will have formed bad habits learned in other employment and it is difficult to get out of this sort of behaviour.

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my-100-day-positivity-challenge Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

My 100-day positivity challenge!

A positive mindset is not just vital for individual business success. Collective glass-half-full thinking will be the thing to tip the balance in terms of securing Hull a lasting legacy from our City of Culture 2017 status.

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why-cpd-is-an-important-part-of-hypnotherapy-training-for-business-owners Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

Why CPD is an important part of hypnotherapy training for business owners

For those who own their own hypnotherapy business, it can be easy to get tied down with the day-to-day administration tasks and running appointments while any spare time is taken up by paperwork. While all these elements are crucial to running a successful independent firm, the matter of continuing professional development (CPD) is one that hypnotherapists shouldn’t put on the back burner.

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dont-be-hulld-back Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

Don’t be Hull’d back!

- I challenge 100 businesses to take my ‘positivity challenge’ for the sake of our city's 2017 legacy A positive mindset is not just vital for individual business success. Collective glass-half-full thinking will be the thing to tip the balance in terms of securing Hull a lasting legacy from our City of Culture 2017 status.

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sugar-addiction-why-your-eyes-are-never-bigger-than-your-belly-or-brain Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

Sugar addiction: Why your eyes are never bigger than your belly...or brain

It’s everywhere and it’s highly addictive – sugar is becoming a real danger in our diets so how do we stop it in its tracks? That’s the question a lot of people would like to know the answer to. For hypnotherapists, there is a real chance of helping sugar addicts with a breakthrough just when they think they’ve tried everything in their power.

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7-ways-to-get-your-therapy-business-found-online Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

7 ways to get your therapy business found online

Customers are now doing more online research than ever. Here are 7 ways to ensure that prospective clients will find your therapy business online. Set up a Google My Business page Today’s customers are less inclined to be swayed into buying products or services if companies pester them, so a better way of reaching out to customers is to ensure that they will find your company on their own terms.

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a-new-year-and-fresh-start-for-your-business Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

A New Year and Fresh Start for your Business

The start of the year provides an opportunity for you to improve business practices and embark on specialising in a specific area of hypnotherapy. By specialising, you can build a reputation as a skilled practitioner in one or more areas of hypnosis therapy.

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networking-why-you-should-do-it Hypnotherapy Blog by Sheila Granger

Networking & Why You Should Do It

The business of being a hypnotherapy practitioner can be a lonely one – you’re unlikely to be working in a big team of people, regularly going out on the road or attending international conferences a great deal. Whilst your personal life may still be full of the people you know and love (mostly!) your business life can feel a bit empty.

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