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A New Year and Fresh Start for your Business

Specialise in hypnotherapy treatments.

The start of the year provides an opportunity for you to improve business practices and embark on specialising in a specific area of hypnotherapy. By specialising, you can build a reputation as a skilled practitioner in one or more areas of hypnotherapy.

This will generate new clients and allow you to build up your connections with other hypnotherapists, through training, thus growing your business.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

In 2014, 29 million Britons attempted to lose weight via exercise or diets. A considerable amount of money is spent each year on diets, weight loss programmes and weight management schemes, with many people failing to control their weight using these methods. This means that there is a large market of potential customers to convert to long-term clients. Both the Virtual Gastric Band and Hypnosis Weight Maintenance programmes are a great way to pick up new clients and expand your business.

Become a Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

Specialising as a Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Practitioner will give you an instant marketing avenue and help you to enhance your continuing professional development by putting your skills to use in training other hypnotherapists. VGB therapy utilises hypnosis to retrain clients’ brains, so they can reduce food intake, effectively creating a ‘virtual’ gastric band. The Virtual Gastric Band programme is a strong platform from which to grow your business, as it can provide the basis for further weight management therapy.

Hypnosis for Weight Maintenance

Hypnosis Weight Maintenance works as a stand-alone plan or as follow-up sessions for VGB clients. The programme will help clients to implement self-control, bolster motivation for continuous weight management, and combat the day-to day challenges of weight loss by sustaining a healthy balance between exercising and eating.

Specialise in Nutrition

The Hypnosis Meets Nutrition training programme provides knowledge about the most vital aspects of nutrition and guidance for practitioners in recognising the signs of nutrient deficiency. With a high percentage of the population being deficient in a range of nutrients, such as iron or protein, there are a wealth of potential clients to attract. By specialising in nutrition, you can help clients to seek out the most nutritionally valuable foods, which could reduce snacking behaviours in clients who are not eating what their body needs. By laying down the correct nutritional foundations, you can guide clients to make better choices when deciding what to eat and ensure that they are satisfying any nutritional deficiencies.

Help Clients Beat Sugar Addiction

Weight management includes both sugar addiction and carbohydrate addiction. With the Brain Training Guide for Beating Sugar Addiction, you can help clients to alter their automatic responses to sweet foods, resist sugar cravings and become aware of their food choices. You will be able to support clients with a set of guidelines for healthy eating and help them stop acting on impulses to eat sugary foods.

Breaking Habits – Smoking and Alcohol

According to NHS research, the population spends around £3000 a year on smoking. In 2015, the global market value for nicotine de-addiction and smoking cessation products was worth more than 7 billion US dollars and this is set to rise to $21.8 billion by 2024. Today’s market could represent a great opportunity to watch your business grow as there may be a wealth of potential clients in your area who are not aware of hypnotherapy as an alternative or additional means of stopping smoking.

The Virtual Quit Smoking Programme will give you the skills to alter clients’ habits, thought patterns and behaviours in connection to smoking. The tailored programme is designed to target the main reasons for smoking so that you can assist clients in bringing about permanent change.

The Reduce Alcohol Programme could be useful for clients seeking help for weight loss and weight management. Regular alcohol consumption can cause weight gain and affect a person’s health negatively in other ways, with research showing that there is no safe level of drinking alcohol. In a similar way to the VGB hypnotherapy technique, the Reduce Alcohol Programme encourages clients to make small but realistic changes to their drinking habits, giving them the motivation to take responsibility for their own health in connection to alcohol consumption.

Working with Businesses

With the Mindset for Business programme, you can coach clients in improving their business practices by creating achievable goals and allocating specific times for work to increase productivity and sales. The programme includes comprehensive training for hypnotherapists to help their local businesses, which can improve your own networking opportunities.

Coaching with Sports Teams

Another option for potential business is sports coaching. Hypnosis Meets Sports will give you the skills to present to sports clubs to highlight the benefits of hypnotherapy for athletes, to improve their confidence, build motivation and enhance sports performance. The programme includes information about how to structure talks and presentations, in addition to marketing materials.

Training programmes offered by Sheila Granger include resources that you can adapt to suit your own practice as well as scripts and guidelines created especially for each programme, so why not get in touch and choose a specialist subject today?

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