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A New Year, A New You – Changing Habits through Hypnosis

2019, New Year resolutions

When January comes around, many people make New Year’s resolutions but most fail to see these plans through. This may be because future resolutions are either unachievable or seem far off and simply something to worry about later.

Additionally, why trust the ‘old you’ to manage how the ‘new you’ should be? Hypnosis can allow you to focus on what you can do for yourself in the present and can help you make the long-lasting changes that could show real beneficial results in the future. There are a variety of personally improving programmes, delivered by either Sheila Granger or one of the trained practitioners, that can help you transition into the next version of yourself.

Lose Weight With a Virtual Gastric Band

The clinically trialled Advanced Gastric Band Programme utilises hypnotherapy to help you to make small, realistic changes to moderate eating habits, thus creating a ‘virtual’ gastric band. The virtual gastric band is a non-surgical technique, which uses the power of hypnosis to alter your appetite so that you can be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The clinical hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that there is no need for more food. Unlike a diet, the virtual gastric band allows you to eat what you want, but in smaller portions, avoiding the usual pitfalls of feeling hungry or unsatisfied with food. The virtual gastric band effectively negates these issues, so you are left with a long-term solution to weight loss.

Beat Sugar Addiction

Excessive sugar consumption is a common problem amongst people seeking help for weight loss. By utilising a similar strategy to the Advanced Virtual Gastric Band Programme, the Brain Training for Beating Sugar Addiction plan helps you to alter your sugar craving habits by implementing small, attainable changes.

Understand Your Hormones

The Hypnosis for Hormones Programme encourages you to make simple conscious and unconscious changes. The programme will help you to identify the main hormones that influence our health and to understand how these can affect fat storage, metabolism, energy levels, sleep and chronic disease. Through this programme, you can learn about the major disruptors to hormone health and gain a heightened awareness of your own body’s needs.

Get the most out of Nutrition

Many people experience confusion when it comes to getting the correct nutritional value from food. If our bodies are not getting what they need nutritionally, then we are likely to want to eat more, even if we are full. With the Hypnosis Meets Nutrition Programme, you will receive guidance on the most vital aspects of nutrition, which will help you to make healthier nutritional choices.

Gain Confidence in Sports

Some individuals find it difficult to build up the confidence and motivation to engage in sports. The Hypnosis Meets Sports Programme can help you to increase self-assurance in your abilities, heighten motivation, maintain focus, improve mental toughness, prepare for competitive environments and enhance your performance in sport.

Manage your Weight

The Hypnosis Weight Maintenance Programme works well in conjunction with the Virtual Gastric Band Programme, but it can be used independently of this. The course will help you to manage the daily challenges of weight maintenance and focuses on cementing self-control, maintaining motivation and combining food intake with exercise. This programme can also help you to develop subconscious ‘switches’ to keep you on the right track.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

9 million people in England drink more than the recommended daily limit of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption can affect your health, weight and wellbeing in negative ways. The Reduce Alcohol Programme focuses on breaking down habitual alcohol drinking behaviours, gives you an awareness of your emotional responses and motivates you to take responsibility for reducing alcohol intake.

Break the Smoking Habit

The Virtual Quit Smoking Programme will help you to break the addictive thought patterns and behaviours connected to smoking and allow you to alter your habits to bring about permanent change. The programme utilises tailored design to target the core reasons for smoking and to guide you through the therapy process in a personalised way.

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