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grow your hypnotherapy buisness
grow your hypnotherapy buisness
grow your hypnotherapy buisness

Sheila Granger Internationally Renowned Hypnotherapist

Sheila Granger is an internationally renowned professional clinical hypnotherapist. Over recent years her much sought after expertise in the field of personal and professional transformation has changed thousands of lives for the better.

To the professional clinical hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger is the leading worldwide provider of professional training. Sheila Granger training programmes are current, creative, innovative, and above all evidence based, providing a solid framework that ensures yours and your clients success.

Unlike other training providers, we provide ongoing support, and the business and marketing knowledge to build your own very successful practice.

Demand for private sessions with Sheila is also very high, however private appointments do become available. To find out more, please visit the personal help and support section of our website.

We look forward to working with you.


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Gastric band: Losing weight without surgery – it’s all in the mind

Levels of obesity have been on the rise for decades now, having trebled over the last 30 years, according to nhs.uk and reports from records collected in 2014, which state that one in two women and three out of five men were overweight or obese. It’s becoming such a wide-spread problem that is exacerbated by our modern lifestyles and our tendencies to use the car,…

18 August 2017
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Featured Practitioner

Rob De Groof

I work as a hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer in my own “Hypnosiscentre Belgium”. My roots are in the entertainment business and nowadays I still perform as a stage hypnotist and mentalist. I met Sheila on her first training in Belgium. Immediately after the training I started using the virtual gastric band and I was quickly convinced of the beauty of this programme.

The results are truly amazing and I am convinced that this training will add value to our school.I am very proud to be the official trainer for Belgium and The Netherlands.


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Get certified as a virtual gastric band specialist!

Catapult your business and career in one weekend!

Online training delivered by Monique T Racine, CH MH, Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Trainer, 5 Path Hypnotist, 7 Path Self Hypnosis Instructor

For more information, email moniquetracine@gmail.com

Becoming a weight specialist -Pre-conference workshop – Mid America Conference 2017

For more information, see website: http://mid-americaconference.com

Becoming a weight specialist – Pre-conference workshop

Becoming a weight specialist – Pre-conference workshop – Hypnothoughts Live 2017 – Las Vegas

For more information, see website: http://www.htlive.net/workshops/




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