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Educational performance practitioner: How hypnotherapy can help students perform at their best

Hypnotherapy practitioners helping teachers and students

Do you remember feeling helpless and out of your depth during your school days? What school children deal with nowadays due to stress and pressure piled on them to succeed in exams and assessments is somewhat amplified with additional strains that come at them from all directions in daily life.

There are many ways that young people can be influenced at the ages where they are most impressionable so they need that extra bit of help and guidance. The support an educational performance practitioner can provide is priceless for school teachers too, but there is a lack of resources out there, which makes it an excellent area to practise in.

Why you should consider becoming an educational performance practitioner

It’s not just about providing academic support; there’s a need to help children and teenagers of this age with other pressures from society, online channels and peers because it all feeds in. It’s normal to feel nervous before an exam but for some, the burdens feel heavier and they have no way of releasing the overbearing tensions they feel or counteracting negative thoughts, which is something that can be taught through educational performance enhancement.

Common issues encountered by young people and students include stress and anxiety experienced because of feeling the pressure to perform at their best constantly, which can then lead to underperformance for those who feel overwhelmed on the day of their exam. In the run-up to an exam date, it’s not uncommon for a student to find that they’re experiencing problems with focussing on the task at hand whether it’s revision or retrieving information and so they need to learn the right techniques and physiological skills to regain control and boost their confidence.

How hypnotherapy can help

Training students to utilise coping strategies to control their anxiety sets them in a better place emotionally and means they are in an improved position to regain confidence in their abilities. Likewise, many teachers can experience breakdowns when trying to achieve what seem like challenging targets so they represent another group of people within the sphere that would require the help of an educational performance practitioner. The aim of an educational performance practitioner is to identify the underlying triggers that cause the unhelpful behaviours. A lot of the struggles that students deal with stem from inhibiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence. These negative thoughts can be dampened with educational performance mentoring and self-hypnosis. An educational performance practitioner would also train the client to visualise what success looks like and how to get there.

Benefits for end user

While this form of support will surely help a student to achieve their full potential, there’s every chance that this training will help guide them through other high-pressure moments that are bound to come up later in life. Not only does this therapy increase their resilience for the issues at hand, it equips students with life skills that give them a set of tools to help them manage their minds and eliminate thoughts or feelings of failure. Where you can help a student with their academic performance, the effect on other areas of their life is certainly measurable because their overall emotional well-being is improved.

If the idea of helping pupils and teachers to be happy, healthy and confident in their abilities, and, in turn, allow teachers to support their students accordingly, appeals to you, then training to be an educational performance practitioner will give you the skill set to do so. The world of education needs more practitioners to use a holistic approach when assisting those who pass through the system, to help them to get the grades they are capable of achieving, and more.

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