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How to Deal with the stress of Results Day

Students dealing with results day nerves of the most dreaded summer months in the school holiday calendar. Students all over the UK will be wondering if they have made it into the next stage of their education, whether it be sixth form, college or University.

It's a nervous wait for anyone taking exams. Don't feel like you are the only one suffering from results day nerves, the feelings of panic, guilt and anxiety are normal and understandable. So, here are a few tips to help you manage on your results day.

Get organised

Make sure you know where you are going on the day, and when you have to be there. Ensure you have all the things you need like your phone, charger, a calculator and even your trusty good luck charm if you have one. The night before, try to get a good night's sleep as feeling refreshed and rested will help you cope with the day ahead. Keep away from social media, especially Twitter and its trending #resultsday as it will only lead to making you feel more anxious.

Don't drink caffeine

Don't drink caffeine the evening before results day as its effects won't help you relax and get a good night's sleep. Instad, it will probably leave you questioning your answers on every exam you've sat and leave you feeling more anxious for the day ahead. On the day, make sure you are up sufficiently early to have a good breakfast, even if you feel you are too nervous to eat, as it will certainly help you retain your energy levels throughout the day.

Leave home on time

Leave home with plenty of time to get to your school and collect your results.

Get someone to accompany you

Get someone to accompany you when picking up your results. It may seem daunting having your parents peering over your shoulder whilst you shakily open your results, but it will be better to have their support if things don't go to plan. Two heads are always better than one and they'll be able to help you, along with your teachers, to decide upon a back up plan.

Don't get flustered

If you don't get the results you and your family wanted, don't worry. Go and ask your teachers, careers advisor or heads of department for advice on whether you should get a paper remarked or perhaps take a resit. But don't get flustered, you have plenty of options for your career path other than going to sixth form or university. For example, there are apprenticeships and school leavers' programmes where you can earn while you learn for qualifications and, don't forget, there is also the option to go straight into work if you wanted to.

So the most important tip is don't panic! You have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do and if you don't get the results you wanted it's not the end of the world.

If you do find the stress of results day too much and need help, you could always get in touch and book a consultation.

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