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Hypnosis For Hormones

Just like my clinically trialled virtual gastric band programme this Hypnosis for Hormones training programme encourages a client to make some simple conscious and unconscious changes. The programme focuses on: understanding the most main hormones that influence our health how hormones impact on fat storage, metabolism, energy levels, sleep and chronic disease the major disruptors to hormone health (all of which cannot be solved by medication) educating your client on the 4 pathways to good hormone health conscious and hypnotic training to motivate your client to enjoy better choices a heightened awareness of your clients own bodies needs an easy-to-follow plan to rebalance their hormones You will receive via digital download: A full digital manual giving scripts for all four sessions, plus an extra script for the supporting soundtrack. A client questionnaire that helps you immediately recognise possible hormonal imbalances in your client Knowledge on the most vital aspects of hormonal health so you can support both your clients mind and body CPD Course Certification

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