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Mindset For Business

A comprehensive training for hypnotherapists to help their local businesses There are so many avenues where we can help people with hypnotherapy.

Most business owners spend time being busy, but not necessarily focusing on those activities that will really make a difference – and this is where hypnotherapy can help!

I’ve delivered my Mindset for Business programme to many kinds of business-owners in my immediate network, helping them with both conscious and unconscious thinking to spend more time on activities that help them to achieve their goals.

Think about the network of businesses around you, where you could deliver this programme and help them to achieve their goals.

You will instantly receive:

  • A full 90-page digital manual giving exact transcripts of all four sessions PDF’s of all four Powerpoint presentations
  • The very simple marketing leaflet which encouraged business owners to take action, and enrol on the Mindset for Business programme.

What our customers have said

”I attend a weekly referral group. Yesterday I received 3 new referrals and I also made the effort to speak with 2 visitors who now want to book appointments. I came home, rang my new leads during my 90min ‘focused work time’ and converted all to appointments. I’ve also started adding posts to LinkedIn and booked an appointment yesterday from someone who had seen these. Focused effort = better results.” Jenny – Legal executive

‘’The programme has made a huge difference in my attitude and belief about my personal power. I now get up early and swim every morning, I have a planned day and diary with goals that are achievable, but that also stretch me.  I am so much more productive I hardly recognise myself.’’ Thanks, Sheila, for all your help and support.” Fiona – Therapy business-owner

‘’ 50% increase in sales.’’  F. Ives – Network marketer

‘’ Hi Sheila, I really enjoyed the 28-day programme. I listened to the audio each day to help me focus on what I need to do. I already had long term goals but didn’t have anything in place to help me achieve them so I have put a simple plan together. Also, I really liked the phrase ‘take the bag off’. This really helped me right from the start as I no longer feel like I am dragging around an unnecessary weight, it is the small things like this that make the biggest difference to my everyday. Thanks very much. x”  J.Clark – PR Business

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