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Go Beyond What You Think Possible!

Are you ready to develop your hypnosis into a thriving business?
Do you want to build and improve your business, and know which marketing to focus on to attract the clients to you? (without the overwhelm)

If you are serious about your hypnosis practice, and are ready to embrace being a professional hypnotherapist (and, business owner)

- and if you love hanging out with like-minded people who will cheer you on as you grow your practice - my Hypnosis Growth Club is for you!

Hypnosis Growth Club is:

A real community - a network of hypnotherapy business-owners right across the globe

We believe in support, motivation, inspiration and cheering each other on

We believe that community matters

And we truly care about each other and raising the standards of ourselves and our profession.

The Hypnosis Growth Club is super-powerful - with hands-on support, done-for-you marketing material and a community spirit that is available to you right from the start. 

All you have to do is jump in!

Weekly business lessons and meetings ensure that you will have all of the up-to-date business and marketing knowledge to achieve your hypnosis business goals. 

And each week, you will know the next steps to improve your business, attract more clients and grow your hypnosis practice

You will receive:-

Outstanding Support
Focused Direction
Accountability (if you want it)

Plus! Help with your I.T

Plus! A one to one coaching session within your first 28 days to identify the “quickest win” for success for your personal hypnosis business plan

You will have continuous access to everything you need to launch, scale and grow your hypnosis business.

81% of members state their business has grown by over 76%

97.92% of members reported our community to be “excellent” in helping their hypnosis business grow, and would recommend it to others.

Sign up to Growth Club - £19.97 for the first 30 days -  then only £64.97 per month (No Contract)

Join the growing number of hypnotherapists, just like you who embraced becoming a professional hypnotherapist (and business owner)

Eileen Scott (Aus) 

Eileen increased her hypnosis business income by some $180,000!

Sandie Ashing (Spain) 

Sandie increased her client numbers by 50%!

Helen Breward (UK) 

Helen increased her business income by a massive 89.6%!

Nicole Wackernagel (Switzerland) 

Nicole made 2021 her best year yet!

Leslie McGeagh (Canada) 

Leslie doubled her hypnosis business in 2021!

Amanda Wright (Australia) 

Amanda also doubled her hypnosis business last year!

Katina Chapman (UK) 

Katina TRIPLED her client numbers in 2021

Here’s What the Growth Club will Give You:

  • Full Access to a membership download area
  • Weekly Live Learning Webinars
  • Membership of a private Facebook group
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to therapy courses relevant to today
  • Access to complete business and marketing lessons
  • Done-for-you promotional videos
  • Done-for-you press releases
  • Done-for-you social media posts

My Personal Guarantee

I promise you that there is nothing quite like this out there.

And here is my personal guarantee:

"I guarantee that the monthly business, therapy course and promotional materials alone will hold a value of at least £297.00 The overall value of all you will receive as a Growth Club member will be worth thousands of ££££££’s!!

Sign up to Growth Club - £19.97 for the first 30 days -  then only £64.97 per month (No Contract) 

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