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AI For Hypnotherapists - Saturday 27th May

AI for Hypnotherapists

This full-day event is the world’s first proper event solely for hypnotherapists.

It will focus exclusively on how you could and should use AI to launch, build and scale your hypnosis practice.

This event will be online, so you can join and learn wherever you are in the world, and I’ll be helping you take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

You’ll spend the day discovering everything a hypnotherapist needs to know about AI.

There will be no mind-numbing technical jargon - just practical, do-able strategies, do’s and don’ts that you need to know to effectively use AI in your business. 

Here’s How The Event Will Stack Up

  1. Understand how the tools work together - and where the BIG opportunities are
  2. Which of the 300+ tools you really need - and which ones are rubbish
  3. How to program the tools for the best results
  4. The best uses of AI to automate a hypnotherapy business
  5. How to use AI like a professional marketing agency that will 10 x your content and ability to create, scale and attract your ideal clients

The first HOUR of this event will provide enough insight to pay for your ticket TEN TIMES OVER!

The details below provide a full breakdown of what you can expect at 

AI for Hypnotherapists Saturday 27th May 2023 

And YES!  AI For Hypnotherapists WILL Be Recorded

Your ticket will include access to the full recording of the event.

Recap and rewatch…in your own time!



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 Your Ticket To AI For Hypnotherapists Includes:

  1. Access to the full-day, cutting-edge AI for Hypnotherapists event
  2. The chance to meet and network with many of your hypnotherapy  colleagues
  3. BONUS: The AI for Hypnotherapists Swipe File

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