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These are truly unprecedented times. The Corona Virus continues to tighten its grip on our lives and on our businesses. 

But it’s time to do what we can to fight back. 

Now is not the time to panic. Rather it is a time for the hypnotherapy community to come together, to plan and to look to serve and help the wider community.

I know that hypnotherapists face a daunting task to both create content for your blogs/social media etc, and to focus on the right messages at the right time to help your hypnotherapy practice and your community.

I am here to help

To enable me to support you - my friends and colleagues around the world - I have put together a programme of help and support like never before, to help you navigate through these current turbulent seas - and into successful, calmer waters ahead.

You CAN help, there ARE new opportunities ahead, you CAN lead, you CAN be the light - and you WILL be proud of the part you played.

NOW is the time to take the action necessary to ensure that your business is strong and healthy, and able to bear the pressures ahead.

My Hypnosis Connect is a 12 week programme which will help you to:

  • look after your community;

  • take advantage of the extra time being spent on social media - create a following and offer solutions;

  • maintain continuity in your business;

  • utilise done-for-you marketing messages supplied by PR professionals;

  • raise your profile in your area, so that people will remember you!

You will receive content worth £9500…!

A single payment today of £190.00 will give you access to this amazing 12 week programme. Alternatively, you can spread the cost over 3 months. 3 payments of £64.97 - pay £64.97 today and then £64.97 each month thereafter for 2 months.

Dedicated to the Dedicated

Hypnosis Connect

£ 190.00 Hypnosis Connect (single payment of £190)

12 week support programme, beginning on Monday 15th June 2020. Over £9500 worth of business tools for a single payment of £157

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Dedicated to the Dedicated

EXCLUSIVE TO Hypnosis Connect

2 Zoom webinars per week

One is a training webinar on the weeks’ “hot topic” promotion, including exact training guides and scripts for working with these issues (valued at £1200), and one is a “group mastermind/virtual coffee/q&a” (valued at £650.00)

Dedicated and “on-topic” press releases x 6

(valued at £1500.00)

10 - TEN! - Product promotion videos

One promotional video on each niche topic (valued at £5500)


One personal brand video

Made just for you and your website, which will answer all the common questions anyone will ever ask you about hypnosis

Done-for-you blogs and social media posts for each topic

Written for you so that you can post content to your community several times a day (valued at £600). YOU can be seen by your public as the “Wikipedia” of hypnosis, mind-set and positivity!

Dedicated “Hypnosis Connect Facebook group”

I’ll be in there everyday helping you, supporting you and keeping you on track (valued at ££££’s)


Upcoming “Hot topics” will include:

  • Coping with Coronavirus worries

  • Managing social isolation

  • Managing loneliness

  • Grief for our social normality - denial, anger, frustration

  • Child anxieties

  • Home schooling

  • Isolation and relationships

  • Financial worries

  • Taking a virtual holiday

  • A focus on health, wellness and emerging much healthier

  • Smoking cessation

  • Weight loss

We will constantly monitor the most prominent issues to target, and adapt content accordingly.

This package will take the stress, hassle and doubt out of your content creation and promotion, leaving you free to help your community and develop your business. 

Dedicated to the Dedicated

Hypnosis Connect

£ 190.00 Hypnosis Connect (single payment of £190)

12 week support programme, beginning on Monday 15th June 2020. Over £9500 worth of business tools for a single payment of £157

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Stay safe, stay well, and keep making a difference!

Sheila Granger

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