Go Beyond What You Thought Possible

Twelve weeks ago, we took the first steps on a journey together.

We needed to protect our hypnotherapy practices during the Coronavirus pandemic; to raise our profiles and become leading lights within the local communities needing our help.

The value of working together as a group soon became evident.

Communal learning, support and - yes - love - gave us more confidence, motivation and enabled us to enhance the passion we all have for our caring profession.

You have begun your entrepreneurial journey!

Don’t turn back now! Drive on!

I well remember the early days of my practice.

I recall the feeling of being alone, without support, and with no one to turn to for advice whenever problems arose.

I was on my own, doubting my skillset and fearful of making mistakes.

I worried about keeping pace with the changes in my industry, of keeping abreast with new techniques, and I constantly feared that I was not across any of the “hot-topic” issues. I fretted over being able to generate enough funds to create a lifestyle business.

And my constant companion throughout was isolation - I was alone, without any form of safety net and with no one to discuss pertinent issues.

Surely it didn’t have to be this way…?

...Hence Hypnosis Connect

The past twelve weeks have been a roller-coaster.

You have been inundated with scripts, webinars, courses, videos, tasks, strategies etc etc etc

...all aimed at helping you to build a modern, energetic hypnotherapy business robust enough to get you through the pandemic, but also fit to serve your clientele on the other side of it.

I know that the Hypnosis Connect experience has occasionally been overwhelming - there were new things to learn, comfort-zones to breach, and unfamiliar paths to tread.

And there is ALWAYS more that needs to be done.

Welcome to:

Hypnosis Connect
The Growth Club

Technology and marketing issues change almost daily and it is vital that we stay ahead of the curve in these areas in order to explore our niche, create more sales and become more confident business people - able to be there for those who need our help more than ever before.

The pandemic has been - and will be - game-changing.

Business commentators suggest that things will never be quite the same again.

Those who assume that things will return to how they were - perhaps your competitors - are wrong, and these are the businesses most at risk of falling by the wayside in the year ahead.

But let them think that way! It only makes it easier for YOU to emerge stronger - IF you don’t fall into their trap!

Which is why I’d love you to continue your journey with me into:

Hypnosis Connect
The Growth Club

Commencing Monday 13th JULY 2020

  • One new 2-hour hypnosis business course per month
  • Weekly webinars for motivation and accountability
  • One new therapy training course per month
  • Personalised promotional videos for your social media
  • Press releases, blogs etc, relevant for todays world
  • Access to 1-2-1 coaching - WHEN you need it
  • Peer support
  • On-going access to our “Hypnosis Connect” facebook group
SG Logo Coral Strapline
SG Logo Coral Strapline

Hypnosis Connect - The Growth Club

Join here with 12 monthly payments of just £64.97

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And THIS is My PERSONAL - Signed - Guarantee:

“I guarantee that the monthly business course alone will hold a value of at least £497.00! The overall value of this NEW programme will be thousands of £££’s!!”

And keep making a difference!

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© Sheila Granger 2020.
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