The Fear of Flying

Flying is something that can make around one in ten people people nervous and anxious to varying degrees. It can stem from many causes such as claustrophobia, a fear of heights or seeing news reports about incidents involving planes, even though it remains the safest mode of transport.


People fly for many reasons, to go on holiday, to visit relatives overseas, or for work. The fear of flying can ruin the start and end of, or in some cases, the whole trip. Being fearful of the return flight can ruin an otherwise relaxing holiday. What might be a crucial business meeting is plagued with thoughts of getting back onto the plane afterwards, which does not contribute to productive meetings. Because flying is such an integral part of modern life you shouldn’t just try and ignore your fear.


There are lots of ways to combat fears of this kind, slowly introducing yourself to the cause of your fear, or throwing yourself into the deep end and, in extreme cases, even medication. But when it comes to flying lots of these are problematic, adopting the approach of increased exposure to flying could be extremely expensive and will not be a viable option for most people. However, taking a flight after having complementary hypnotherapy could really help you relax and combat your fears. Even if it is just a short flight in a small private plane or commercial airliner, it could reassure you and help to reduce your fear in readiness for your next flight. A hypnotherapist could work with you to identify those points that cause you the most anxiety and help create a plan for you to carry out the next time you fly, reducing their effect. Simple things, such as calming words that you associate with stressful moments and breathing exercises, will all be beneficial.


The result is that when you next fly, when you reach those stressful moments, you will be reminded off the calming words and to do the things you have been taught to reduce your anxiety and fear. This will provide a repeatable method of managing your emotions and allow you to take control of your behaviour.


You may also be taught self hypnosis techniques, depending on your practitioner, to allow you to maintain your fight against your phobia even when a session with your hypnotherapist is not available. Sheila Granger's practitioners can provide the techniques that will remain with you every time you go the airport or are flying. Providing you will an effective control of your fears and allowing you to fly without the anxiety. Fill out our referral form to be put in touch with a therapist near to you.

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