Preparing Hull for the 2017 Hull City of Culture year : How local businesses can reap the rewards

There’s no doubt that the local region has had a very exciting couple of years. In 2013 Hull won the UK City of Culture 2017-and since then, we have seen huge changes taking place. With increased publicity on the city, as well as more investment and opportunity pouring in, how can local businesses reap the rewards, and adapt to a changing environment? It is important to begin making your business as appealing as possible-how can you extend its reach? How can your product beat the competition? If you own a shop and you think it could do with a bit of a makeover, now is the perfect time to banish those cobwebs and give it a fresh lick of paint. Championing our local talent and products is a fantastic way of introducing ourselves to the rest of the world. The things that make Hull stand out are the individuality and local skill we can offer. Hull City of Culture 2017 will see a huge amount of attention fixed on us, not just national coverage but international, too-it is a highly prestigious event and sure to boost the region’s profile. Make sure your business does not get left out! Over the course of several years, I have helped 3,500 people harness their own potential, gain new clients plus secure future business bookings with my methods to encourage positive thinking and proactivity. Find out how I can help your business prepare for 2017 by dropping me an email, or clicking on the events section of the website to find my next seminar! Sheila x

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