Escape the work rut

Do you feel as though you have got yourself into a bit of a rut? It’s so easy to pick up habits as part of our daily work routine. These could be as simple as picking up a stodgy lunch, clocking off a little earlier than normal, or even staying in bed for those extra fifteen minutes. If you feel like you need to freshen your routine up, and improve your work-life balance, then look no further than my handy hints below:
  1. Get up earlier. It’s a commitment not many people want to make. Getting up earlier is like a physical pain to some poor people. But there’s no denying that the early to bed, early to rise adage really is true. Getting up earlier gives you more time to wake up, grab a proper breakfast and prepare to seize the day.
  2. Take a different route to work. It sounds simple-but it is a great way of mixing your routine up a little in a morning. If you drive to work, try setting off in good time and taking a more scenic route. If you walk or get the bus, try walking a different route, or getting off at an earlier stop. Studies by psychologists have found it’s a great way of making you more alert and perceptive.
  3. Visualise your goals: Spend afew minutes every day closing your eyes, letting all the clutter fade away and focus on your main goals that day. It can be anything-making time for the gym, cooking a healthy meal, or spending some evening time with your children. Crossing out each task you have achieved that day is a fantastic boost and gets you out of that rut.
  4. Be proactive: Is there a goal you would like to achieve in your life? Or an experience you would like to have? Be proactive to make any changes you feel are necessary in order to achieve them. Don’t be afraid to take the leap!
  5. Spend time with friends and family: Spending quality time with those you care about is really important. Studies have shown a quick coffee and a natter with friends can boost self-esteem. Don’t forget to make time!
Sometimes, you may need a bit more help to get out of that rut. If you find yourself feeling low quite a bit, and struggling to make the changes you want, you may benefit from talking to a professional. Hypnotherapy works because it helps you find your own potential through the power of positive thinking. I firmly believe we all have the ability to make positive changes in our lives. If you would be interested in hearing how hypnotherapy can help you to succeed, drop me an email or browse my website to find one of my licensed practitioners. Sheila x

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